Our proprietary three-part BrandMapping™ process is a unique system for creating a powerful BrandVision based upon your strengths and personality — as well as your customers social, functional and emotional needs.


Step One: Think first: the research.

CUKJATI recommends a MindMapping® session at the beginning of each brand development or campaign process. This intense interactive session, led by Mary Cukjati, is composed of individuals from every level of your organization. We believe mind-maps work because they explode linear thinking and allow the group to expand its horizons beyond the usual directions. Secondly, it’s inclusive and encourages a quick “buy-in” of the whole team. Finally, it levels the playing field and allows thinkers with less confidence (and quieter voices) to share their insights and ideas.

Step Two: Brand Vision

We take what we have learned in the MindMapping® and other research to create a BrandVision that understands the needs of your client, while it defines and enhances your public personality. In addition, we often create an integrated marketing and communications plan to introduce brand elements to external and internal markets, and assign real accountability to the communications investment.

Step Three: Implementation & Accountability

The BrandVision then guides our work in the development of your Brand Design and Message: naming, logo/trademark design, the overall style elements, and the application of the approved design and content concepts to all communications materials. Finally, we believe that the agency should be fully engaged in ROI evaluations through a range of analytical and statistic options to demonstrate a behavior change in your client or customer consistent with established goals.